Equipment Leasing in Vancouver

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Lease a John Deere in Vancouver

We rent all type of John Deere equipment in the Vancouver area. Find out more about leasing options in Vancouver.

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Vancouver John Deere
Vancouver Cat

Lease a CAT in Vancouver

Rent a CAT machine in Vancouver. We have payment options available. Find out more about leasing options in Vancouver.

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Lease a Sany in Vancouver

Affordable Sany equipment rentals in Vancouver. Find out more about leasing options in Vancouver.

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Vancouver Sany
Vancouver Gennie

Lease a Genie in Vancouver

Very reliable Man Lift in Vancouver. Find out more about leasing options in Vancouver.

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Lease a JLG in Vancouver

A reliable boom lift in Vancouver. Find out more about leasing options in Vancouver.

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Vancouver JLG

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Lease Financing

We offer businesses the freedom to make flexible lease payments on NEW and USED commercial equipment. Conserve capital and lines of credit with our customizable lease financing programs.

Working Capital Loans

Take advantage of growth opportunities, or manage through challenging times. You may be eligible for up to a $75,000 loan with simple fixed weekly repayments.

Receivables Factoring

Lease Link can advance up to 90% of the face value of your outstanding invoices. This saves administration time associated with credit and collections.

You Find It! Go shopping everywhere, with New or used equipment. Private sale or through any dealer. Shop North America It doesn’t matter to your terms that is vendor matched and pre approved.. All that matters is that you find the right equipment for your business at the right price and terms.

LeaseMe! Get your financing approved quickly and with very little paperwork. Contact Thomcat or fill out our FREE 5 minute online application form. We’ll walk you through your best options and find you a lease to own solution with great rates (and low flexible payments).

Get It! The equipment is delivered to you and it’s time to start using it. We’ll even arrange freight and customs brokerage as needed. Tied up in an old equipment lease? We’ll assist you with that too. Let’s just get the equipment into your hands so you can start earning more income right away.

What to Expect When You’re Applying for the You Find It! We Finance It! Lease

The You Find It! We Finance It! application process is simple and straight-forward. You won’t get loads of paperwork and you won’t go through a time consuming application. At the end, you’ll get the best rate available, a lease to own agreement, and payments that work for your budget.

First, you’ll need to give us a little bit information. Basically you will relate your banking and record information with a a hidden key.

This is a digital signature that only you have the key to release your information. Through blockchain technology we will match you with the right vendor with the right terms. And then and only then do you turn over the key to your information that has been pre approved by the lender.

Many companies will consider you and your needs to ensure you get the best possible outcome that suits you. This includes you or your business needs for any equipment you see fit. A credit check will only bench the company agrees to do business with you. This is the new era of doing business. Your information is clearly out in the open, but only you will have your digital signature to open and close the offer.

You’ll get an approval that clearly shows you the terms and payment amounts. – real numbers from vendors who pre-approve you. We know your credit rating is a factor in every aspect of your life and business. There is no need to run a credit score until the right fit comes along.

You make the final decision and sign for the lease with the company that offers you the very best deal that suits your needs. That’s it! Your equipment will be delivered, and you’ll start using it.